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Meaningful Work

Your military career was a litany of life or death situations. Whether it was peacekeeping in the pacific or war fighting in the middle east every action was vastly impactful on the world around you. Searching through endless job boards is like taking a drink from a water fountain. We are constantly sifting through endless ocean of work to find the meaningful work that veterans need to build a long term career.

Personal Development

We veterans need constant personal growth, when that stops stagnation creeps into our life draining ambition from our very core. It is mission critical that every branch train their ranks to be most ready for whatever is coming down the pike. Veterans cannot truly thrive without a focus on this continual development. The companies we work with are deliberate with the development of their people to further the mission.


The camaraderie built on a deployment far surpasses any bond that can be built outside the confines of wartime. When active service ends the black dog of loneliness and depression slinks into our lives. Veterans need phenomenal teams from the best company cultures that push us to be the better every day.

Great Benefits

Good benefits are standard, great benefits are desirable, unbelievable benefits are what we look for. The motivators that build long term careers live beyond salary. Work from home, free childcare, gym memberships, tuition reimbursements, and all that really makes you happy.

I’m Elijah Elliott, founder of I spent 2008-2013 in the United States Marine Corps as a T64 Powerplants Mechanic on the CH-53 (MOS:6123). During that enlistment I built up the tightest bonds of my life in the worst places on earth. When my EAS showed up I was ready to go, but a strenuous transition was ahead. It is a constant struggle to rediscover a sense of purpose. 80% of veterans leave their first post-military job within two years one of the big four above are missing. We post pictures for job listings so that veterans can begin to see themselves in that culture. We filter by benefits so that veterans only look at jobs with the values that truly matter to them.

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The Bennees Difference

Anatomy of a Bennees Listing

80% of veterans leave their first civilian job within two years of hiring on. Why? Because they don't match the culture.
Long term career happiness comes from the fulfillment of internal motivators. The three most crucial to veterans are

1. Camaraderie
2. Purpose/Impact
3. Personal Development

Bennees highlights those motivators in each listing. Under the job title a couple sentences demonstrate impact and purpose. The pictures should highlight the culture where camaraderie is built. If development is part of the benefits that should be listed, if not we look for it in comments about the organization.

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